idea matters nothing without realisation


Our mission is to help our clients and customers to implement their products and ideas.
We believe that every idea can be brought to life. 

And often it is much easier as people used to think.
We combine flexible planar organization philosophy and wide expertise in the industries we are working in. While using advanced software and best engineering practices we are able to design and build innovative, cost-effective technical solutions.

Our costumers are located worldwide , we put a lot of effort in meeting their expectations and demands and want to show that Ukraine is worth working with. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get your consultation for free.





• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• System Engineering

• Product Design

• Prototyping and Production


• Robotics and Automation

• Aerospace

• Composites

• Machinery

• Electronics


CNC Machine Tool

We have been working on the frame, made of polymer concrete, for higher vibrations damping. Due to the unique material composition, our material has 10 times better damping factor than cast iron. Furthermore, a lot of attention has been paid for serial production preparations. 

Since the polymer concrete manufacturing process requires a small amount of energy, frames, made of this material could also be cheaper than traditional at the serial production.

Project included:
• R&D
• Material tests
• FEA Simulation

3D Printers

Designed and build 3D printers specifically for printing UAV parts using PolyCarbonate material.
Water-cooled extruder and motors, printing chamber temperature control, two nozzle design, and other features make them perfectly suitable for industrial applications.

Project included:
• Design
• Thermal simulations
• Production of 15 Pcs

Molds for Composites

Designing and manufacturing molds and composite parts for 2.8 meters wingspan UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles). 

Combining carbon-fiber, fiberglass and composite foams enables to build of lightweight, strength radiotransparent structures.

Project included:
• Layers Layout
• Mold manufacturing
• Parts manufacturing
• Tests

The best way to predict the future is to create it

As Galactic Design is an R&D company, we are always interested in building new technologies. We are ready to cooperate and co-invest into ambitious projects.



    Kyiv, Ukraine

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